Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I place an order?
        1. You can go through our posts on instagram, pick your selection and send us a DM with the size and we will be in touch
        2. You can go to our facebook eshop on our facebook page searching with ‘Manstyleng’, there you will see the prices clearly with product descriptions then send us a message
        3. You can click on the ‘chat with us’ link which leads you to Manstyleng’s whatsapp number with the picture of what you want
        4. You can click ‘email us with the details of what you want and within 12hours, you will get a response

For customized order, you can send us an image of what you would like to be created and we will respond back to you


  • How do I know what size to order?
        1. Please use the chart conversion at the end these FAQs below to select the size whether EU or UK or in CM and confirm if wide or regular fitting
        2. Yes we understand that sometimes your order is a surprise gift, but it is very important to be EXACT on the size


  • But I do not like any of your designs as I want something different?
        1. And that is ok, ask for our customization service and share your design(s) with us and we will make it. You can do so by sending us a mail or chat to us via whatsapp


  • How many days does it take to make my order and have it delivered?
        1. Once order is received with payment, it takes 5-7  working days. However, if urgent, still speak with us and you may be intime to have early delivery
        2. Delivery is usually on the 7th -8th day but depending on location, delivery may be longer, please mention location if outside Lagos
        3. Delivery fee is dependent on location and we outsource this
        4. Self collection/pickup from us is free and ONLY available at Victoria Island and Yaba, both in Lagos



  • What is Manstyleng price range?
        1. From N8,000 – N9,500
        2. When buying for the first time, we give a 5% welcome to the tribe discount and if buying  2 pairs at a go, you get a 10% discount, great right?



  • Why choose Manstyleng?

We understand the need to step out in stylish comfortable Leather Slippers and Sandals that will match your fashion taste and even blow the mind of the receiver {as a gift} and get them asking you if this footwear was really made in Nigeria!

You have come to the right place!

Manstyleng carries a collection Premium Bespoke Handmade Leather Slippers and Sandals for the gentleman, sophicated lady and the funky child.

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, CAC registered in 2016. Manstyleng is an e-commerce only business, that has served over 200 feet asides repeated orders from customers in and outside of Nigeria..

Our materials are sourced locally but assembled and finished with every detail to stand in line with any international standard.

With Manstyleng, you will find what you need otherwise you can tell us what you want and guess what, we will make it for you, with our customization service!

We only make when you order and don’t stock, just so we can meet your specifications.